Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms

  • 25 % Deposit on Booking Time.
  • 50 % of Tour Payment before 45 Days of Departure.
  • Pan Card Copy Is Compulsory At the Time of Booking.
  • Full Payment Has To Be Clear Before 30 Days Of Departure.

Brochure Accuracy

All information provided in this brochure is based on the information available at the time of publication. Due to any event beyond our control, we reserve the right to change your brochure information before or after visiting your booking, if we already know about any change sufficiently, at the time of booking We will notify you, otherwise our tour manager or local representative will give you information about the changes. Road transit may be required in major roadworks, can stop Indian restaurants or change management in travel programs, all of which can motivate us to make changes in travel programs. Where we have sufficient knowledge of these already, we will inform you, otherwise, our tour manager or local representative will inform you about the changes that occur on the spot. There are also very large fairs and exhibitions, where all the hotels have already been booked well, and therefore it may be necessary to stay in hotels in other cities.


There are pre-set menus on the tour. The type of food in the brochure clearly indicates that, unlike an airline, we can not process a special meal, nor do we guarantee a special diet to the customer, to the extent mentioned in the details and given you priority is. We, however, have the right to change the bad system if it is necessary to do so in the circumstances, in which case the customer wakes up late and reminds him of the breakfast offered or the client is out of his own and late Arrives and misses the offer of any meal by the company to do so, no claim can be made for that food which he missed and it is not used Was not. The exact number of meals served on each trip is described in “Your Travel Value".


You will be able to visit tourist destinations from time to time and therefore we have taken care of selecting the hotel which is comfortable in keeping costs down. Most rooms have a private bathroom with bath. The hotels will be shown either in the itinerary or in the same category. After being relatively small in rooms in Europe, we will recommend only three people for our own comfort in only one room. Triple rooms are not usually more than twin rooms, and the third bed is often a rollaway cot in a twin room for the night. In the United States, no extra bed or cost is provided in a triple room. All the goods and personal effects are your responsibility at all times and under all circumstances. In case of loss of such items from the hotel, we will not be responsible or will not be liable. Any damage to the hotel room during your stay will be payable by you, and the company will not be liable for that.

Itinerary Changes

We can often operate more than one coach at the date of departure. For the convenience of our travelers, we will occasionally reverse the direction, or make a few improvements in the itinerary. Including flight routing, we will advise you on these modifications before beginning the travel tour that any customer can Tour the kind of tourism places to delay its part, he will not be entitled to claim his return.

Cancellation Due To Visa Rejection

All customers traveling on a Ciclo Tourism Pvt. Ltd. Holiday Tour should be in the possession of a valid visa. Please note that even after submitting all the related documents, the company is not fully responsible for the rejected visa. Due to receipt of incomplete / delayed documents from the customer, the company will not be held liable for not issuing a visa.Passengers whose visas are not provided by the UK / USA should notify at least 45 days In advance At that time, the company will deduct Rs 2,000 / – per person towards administrative charges and deposit the balance.

Cancellation Charges Per Person When a cancellation is made.

  • 60 days of more prior to the departure of the Tour will be deduct 25%.
  • 59-45 days ┬áprior to the departure of the Tour will be deduct 50%.
  • 44-30 days prior to the departure of the Tour will be deduct 75%.
  • 29 days or less prior to departure of the tour will be deduct 100%.


  • “You" / “Customer" means the person/person whose name has been booked on or behalf of him.
  • “we" / “u" / “company" means Ciclo Tourism Pvt. Ltd.
  • “Tour cost" means that the total travel cost in the booking form is mentioned in the amount of one leaf.

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