General Questions

What are the holiday package components?

  • Land Package ( Please Note : Includes your hotel accommodation, transfers and sightseeings, a combination of any two or more of these service or only one stand alone service. )
  • Air Tickets
  • VISA
  • Insurance
  • Hotel Booking

You can book any one of these services or a combination of them.

Are there any benefits of booking for a group for an FIT package?

Yes, if the group is of more than 15 Adults, then depending upon the destination and travel there can be group benefits available.

How can I stay in touch with my family and friends on a World tour ?

While on tour, you can be in touch with your family and friends through a local calling card or local sim card as you may deem fit and desirable. You have to carry your mobile handset. We are not responsible for any charges levied by the international local authorities neither shall be responsible for loss of your mobile handset.

Can I get medicine on a World tour?

We highly recommend you to carry sufficient medicines along with you on tour. While packing, distribute them evenly in different bags to ensure that you have some medicine with you in case there is any delay in getting baggage or loss. However you do get medicines on tour but your doctors prescription for the same is a must.

What meals are included on the tour?

  • For Domestic its mostly breakfast and dinner.
  • For International it is breakfast and dinner.

Is there any restrictions on the number of people traveling?

No, there is no restriction on the number of people traveling.

How many days prior can I book such a tour?

  • Domestic holiday can be booked even 1 day prior to departure.
  • International holidays booking lead time will be based on the country one wants to travel to. Countries providing on arrival VISAs can we booked 24 to 48 hours prior.

How can I book such a tour?

  • Walking into our office and meeting a Sales Executive.
  • Calling our number.

Booking, Payments & Cancellation

If due to Visa rejection I need to cancel my travel plan then do I get a refund?

Yes, you can get a refund after deducting the Visa application fees and cancellation charges, if any.

Do I need Overseas Travel insurance?

It is advisable to acquire adequate Overseas Travel Insurance cover for protection from any possible risks such as damage, loss, accident or injury to life etc on tour. For Europe and Dubai tours, the insurance is included in the tour price for those aged up to 59 years for the duration of the tour. Guest above 59 years of age will have to pay the difference on the insurance premium as applicable.

Do I need to pay the entire tour price at the time of booking the tour?

At the time of booking you need to pay the 50% of the land package cost, 100% of the airfare and VISA. This might vary depending upon the lead time available from the day of booking and the tour departure date.

What are the modes of payment?

Cash, Cheque, DD, debit card, credit card or online transfers(NEFT) can be used to make payments, depending on govt. regulations.

Can I cancel/change the tours, after booking?

Yes, but it depending on cancellation/modification conditions, refer to the terms and conditions copy.

What documentation do I require while booking the tour?

  • Domestic: Valid govt. issued photo ID.
  • International: Valid passport copy.

Are there any discounts available?

Yes, there are are, depending upon the period one books for.

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