Specialty Tour Packages

Weekend Special

Projects, meetings, presentations, timelines…After an wide week, a refreshing and rejuvenating weekend is all we need! Ciclo Tourism have taken steps to make this even more calm and exciting for you. Avoid superb holiday destinations, where an ideal break is waiting for you.

A small escape anywhere across India makes for an ideal holiday from north to south and east to west, Ciclo Tourism provide you alternative options- From popular family fun destinations to holy pilgrim sites. During the colorful and enchanting festivals, travel in different parts of India and take a festive spirit. Select the ‘By Air’ option and enjoy a hassle-free and memorable vacation. It’s a time when you moved to your weekend. Just do it with Ciclo Tourism Weekend Special Tours. Chalo, Bag Bharo, Nikal Pado!

Honeymoon Special

After all the hustle & bustle of your wedding, you definitely deserve a break to just sit back and chill! Why Veena World does not make it very special with honeymoon tours.It assures the beautiful start of your married life and allows you to have some great moments with your best half. What is more, you do not have to worry about confirming the booking of hotels, meals, transfers, sightseeing etc. The Ciclo Tourism Tour Manager is with you so that you can feel completely overwhelmed by your excursions.

In the company of a happy honeymooners, you really feel ‘Love in the Air’. Just book and leave the rest to us. More than 20,000 Honeymooners have experienced and enjoyed these tours…Now you are also going on this sweet journey and with your ‘Happily ever After’ story begin with Ciclo Tourism!

Make your choice for honeymoon of your dreams in many places and places in India and around the world Shimla Manali, Andaman, Kerala, Thailand, Mauritius, Singapore Bali, Switzerland…there are options galore! Perfect Packages…Great Deals…Happy Honeymoons!

Women’s Special

She gave life. She is a wife. She is a mother and she is a friend. We call her Strong, Smart, Sensual, Caring, Giving, Surviving, and Tolerant and Powerful We call her WOMAN!

Get ready for ladies, explore, experience and evolve ….this is your time! Bring yourself back to life and enjoy your “fun time". For all the charming women, Ciclo Tourism brings well-planned tours that include a balance of activities and leisure time along with with carefully selected hotels,knowledgeable guides, and a safe travel experience. Be a part of this exclusive women special tour package!

Fuse style and passion, walk the ramp and vie for the crown: Enthusiasm Queen, Inspiration Queen, Style Queen, Smile Queen, Costume Queen, Singing Queen, Dancing Queen, Swimming Queen, Catwalk Queen. Travel with Ciclo and relive the most beautiful days of your life.

Senior’s Special

Special Tours for Senior Citizens of the Ciclo Tourism You again rekindle those special moments as a celebration of life. We offer the most interesting travel packages for senior citizens. Our senior citizen vacation travel packages are comfortable, with slow pace and planned travel programs. We ensure that you have enough time to relax and enjoy all the fun and entertainment and the surrounding environment.

Traveling with Veena Patil and their enthusiastic team who promise additional touch of personal care. Come with us, live special moments and celebrate life again.

Student’s Special

Your children are growing up, their holidays will also grow. In fact, after studying all year round, your younger ones are definitely worth a break. In their holidays, they should go out of a camp … Give them gifts of Ciclo Tourism Students’ special tour. This may be their first great independent travel experience – it can be in India or abroad. The Ciclo Tourism brings some really exciting student group tour packages to their children who will take them near Brims with a world of fun and entertainment on that full.

From an ideal holiday destination like manali, an exotic island like Andaman, to completely fascinated international destinations like Leh Ladakh, Singapore , Dubai and Thailand … there really are plenty of options for their children in fact To really chill out! These are all inclusive tours with an experienced and caring Ciclo Tourism Tour Manager. So you do not have to worry about anything.

It was time to give a chance for the virtual world of our children’s gadgets and went on to explore the journey and celebrate the real beautiful world. Special trips of Ciclo Tourism students make it very easy. Just book and assure a total Dhamaal vacation for your kids, which they will simple love!

Single’s Special

Ciclo Tourism welcomes the happy and confident traveler. Avoid the beautiful island of Andaman An intriguing colonial post of a Stone Age culture is waiting to lures its traveler. Explore the deep blue waters, daze on your beautified golden beaches. Feel adventures in Leh Ladak, with its vibrant cultures, trekking trails and rugged terrain.

Experience the ancient beauty of Switzerland, romance of Tuscan villa, the majestic landscape of Russia or the history of Rome.

If it provokes you, and if you are the single traveler, then in the between of 20 to 35 years, Ciclo Tourism has many exciting tour options to choose from. Explore these amazing destinations and embark on a bold journey around the world.

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